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You are welcome to attend any Monday troop meeting or visit us on Saturday during a campout.  Email a Scoutmaster so we can welcome you: Troop 2 (girls) or Troop 3 (boys). 

Armadillo Awards Banquet - March 1

Posted on Feb 22 2024 - 12:44am

We have two tables reserved for us at the Armadillo Awards Banquet on March 1, which means we have room for some of our adults to come for dinner - free of charge!  This is an annual event that honors volunteers in the Armadillo District.

Fall 2024 Interest Survey

Posted on Feb 7 2024 - 10:27pm

Fill out this survey so we have some guidance at the Feb 9 planning meeting: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScwSdxyhwCjaFosJUO2zy484kVvCnbwmlqp-u9Y01m2oHF6yg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Join us for Scout Sunday

Posted on Feb 7 2024 - 10:24pm

Scout Sunday is this weekend.  Please attend one of the services. and sign-up so we can balance attendance.  We'll also need some volunteers to help with readings and such.

Positions of Responsibility

Posted on Feb 1 2024 - 6:19pm

The position term begins February 1st and runs for six months.  Leaders should attend the ILST training on Feb 4.  we are re-vamping the content so most of it should be new.

Upcoming Events

Posted on Jan 30 2024 - 7:08pm

It's time to plan your spring, and even your summer (camp).  Most campouts have a sign up deadline 2 weeks before so we can plan the event.  Earlier is allows better, as some locations have limited capacity.

Youth leadership changes Feb 1

Posted on Jan 10 2024 - 8:13am

SPL and PL elections are next meeting (Jan 15). Applications for the remaining positions of responsibility are due 1/19, so we can announce positions after the campout.

Upcoming Events