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You are welcome to attend any Monday troop meeting or visit us on Saturday during a campout.  Email a Scoutmaster so we can welcome you: Troop 2 (girls) or Troop 3 (boys). 

Late September update

Posted on Sep 27 2023 - 10:15pm

Timely information to be aware of:

  • Thanks to everyone who helped with the Rise Against Hunger event last Sunday.  Don't forget to fill out a service hours report.

  • On Monday (10/2), the theme is "advancement".  That means it's OK to find an ASM, merit badge counselor, or Board of Review and work on requirements.  First, as a group, we will walk through advancement resources on the website. Then we break into patrols to verify information like "who needs a neckerchief?", plan the menu for the October campout, and work on advancement in small groups. Come prepared to be tested on things that are relevant for you.

  • The deadline to register for the Oct 13-15 campout is this Monday (10/2).  If you are already signed up, fill out the carpool survey on the page.

  • You can still add your opinions to the annual survey to influence spring events: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc00Gv-BWPIVE8iWpU1JWq1FFyL-p4XXWa4hpYl0fpBxScchw/viewform?usp=sf_link. This is how the December campout appeared...

  • We added a nearby campout the first weekend of December, primarily to provide more opportunities for advancement.  Register here.

  • Adults: merit badge counselor training is Thursday (9/28) in the Youth Center. We will cover the online course (but in person), discuss the tools we use to track progress, and review a few key Eagle required badges.


Volunteer to fight hunger on 9/24

Posted on Sep 10 2023 - 7:12pm

Let's show our gratitude to our sponsoring organization, Northwest Hills United Methodist Church, and support their Rise Against Hunger event on Sunday afternoon, 9/24.  You can sign up for a volunteer shift and/or donate money.

Leadership elections

Posted on Aug 19 2023 - 7:32pm

We had great turn out for troop leadership elections.  The remaining positions are appointed, so if you want a position of responsibility submit an online application from this page:

Calendar website is back!

Posted on Aug 19 2023 - 7:32pm

It's been a while, but our simple calendar/email/announcement website (troop3austin.org) is back!  Troopmaster is still important and used: it is our source for roster information (exported to this calendar site), advancement, and recorded attendance at events.

Eagle Scout Sebastian Hill

Posted on Jul 31 2023 - 5:29pm

Congratulations to Sebastian who completed his Eagle Boad of Review way back on March 31, 2023. His project was a shed for the tennis team at LASA.  Great job!  And thank you to Sebastian for the guidance he provided on his second Current River trip in June.

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